Boards from Siberian larch

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In Russia, in the Krasnoyarsk Krai where our Siberian timber production is located, winters are very long and cold, weather conditions are severe, but life does not stop. People work there quickly and diligently not to freeze, and the trees grow very slowly, only for several months a year. Among them, there is a unique species of trees known as Siberian larch. Visually in sawn form it is similar to other coniferous species of trees, but in its density, strength and durability it is a serious competitor to oak and beech.  Larch is called not without reason “Siberian oak”.

 Its distinctive advantages are:

– aesthetic appearance. Warm yellow and pink color of wood and expressive texture of Siberian larch attract  the attention of many interior designers.

-Reliability. Larch sawn timber is much stronger than other coniferous species due to its high density. Our Siberian larch is a full grown tree. On the face cut, the density of this species becomes visible, the distance between the annual rings sometimes does not exceed half a millimeter. According to the scale of hardness of Young’s module it has an average hardness of 1200 …

-Longevity. Larch wood is very dense, which greatly increases the life of joinery and molded products. Therefore, larch is often used for parquet, floor boards, steps, load-bearing structures, piles, rail sleepers. Larch is very hard, it has a specific weight of about 1 kg / dm³.

-Wet strength. The unique chemical composition of larch resin acts as an antiseptic and prevents rotting of wood. Larch can stayfor many years in the open air, under any weather conditions, even in water.

-Wide range of sizes. The length of larch sawn timber reaches 6 meters with a width of the plate is up to 250 mm. This gives an advantage when installing molded products: the fewer joints, the stronger.

From the dried Siberian larch we produce a terrace board, a facade board, boards for fences, imitation of a bar. We offer larch boards of the highest quality for the manufacture of garden furniture, canopies, floors, steps, grinds, wooden bridges.

In our warehouse there are edged and unedged boards of Siberian larch available, air dried, of the highest quality AB or quality VS and standard sizes (thickness 25, 32, 50 mm).