Coal briquettes Pini-Kay

Packaging: 20 kg bag.

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Wood briquette (Pini-Kay) coal of SibirWoodTrading company production is an innovative premium class product created following the patented technology, due to which it has a unique set of consumer properties:

  • Extremely high heat transfer. Your dishes are cooked quickly and remain goluptious and thoroughly roasted.
  • Quick and simple ignition without special facilities. Starters and gas burners are not required.
  • Long-term burning time – 2 – 4 hours. It suits both for frequent and professional use.
  • Burning time can be regulated, leaving large pieces or breaking them into smaller ones. With burning time reduction (use of smaller coal pieces) coal consumption is significantly decreased.
  • Composition – 100% wood coal. There are no binding media and additives available and, as a result, there are foreign odors while burning. Enjoy natural smell of cooked dishes!
  • Repeated use. A dish is ready, but coal has not burnt through yet? Just blow it out and use once more, because it preserves all its advantageous properties and characteristics.

Coal briquettes (Pini-Kay) of SibirWoodTrading company production can be used in grills, barbeque grills, charcoal grills, tandoors and for cooking in a large cooking pot.


Wood coal briquettes (Pini-Kay) of SibirWoodTrading company production

Conventional wood coal
Burning temperature High temperature 800-1000°C ensures short cooking time. Infrared radiation structure at that temperature ideally suits for cooking meat, because it ensures homogeneous through-thickness roasting for a short interval. Besides, high burning temperature permits using less coal amount for food cooking. Not more than 400-500°C
Long-term burning and its regulation If coal is broken into pieces 1 – 2 cm long, burning will last for 2 hours; if integral briquettes are used, coal will burn for up to 5 hours. Intensive burning with high temperature occurs during the whole period. Burning usually lasts for 40 – 60 minutes. To extend this period new coal portions shall be added. At that temperature can be temporarily reduced.
Burning nature Coal burns without flame and smoke black. After ignition it can be used indoors. Flame and smoke black can appear because of knots unburnt through
Possibility of repeated use After cooking unburnt through coal can be blown out and repeatedly used in future. No
Intrusion of ash into food Minimum ash-contents (up to 1.5%) and high burning temperature (no need to blow up coal while cooking) ensure absence of ash in food. While coal blowing up the ash (its content in coal from 4 up to 8%) is lifted in the air and is settled on food.

Taking into account all factors, 1 kg of wood coal briquettes (Pini-Kay) of SibirWoodTrading company production is equal to 3 kg of conventional wood coal.