Wooden houses



Wooden buildings: garden houses, gazebos, utility blocks, garages, sheds.

SibirWoodTrading offers a wide range of most diverse wooden buildings like garden houses, gazebos, utility blocks, garages, sheds, outdoor houses for leisure and recreation, and houses for permanent residence.

The Company applies the wood harvested in winter and dried in drying chambers. Preference is given to conifers cut in the northern Russia as the local timber presents an increased density, resistance to cracking and deformation. It provides our buildings with strength and durability. And, due to timber drying in the chambers, our buildings display minimal shrinkage after installation.

Our products are manufactured using the Finnish technology for low-rise building construction. The technology type was selected for a good reason as it combines reliability, quality, installation efficiency, and price loyalty. Of note, this very technology enables manufacturing individual items of the future building structure and assembling those directly at the site using a minimum set of tools as all the building items have already been precisely produced on modern equipment. The only thing needed is to join those in the correct order and erect the facility. Basically, it is like building blocks. Our constructions are completely environmentally friendly, as they are made of pure wood and FSC certified.

We deliver all buildings as standard sets.

The standard building set includes the following:

  1. Walls (made of planed and profiled chamber-dried boards of various thickness. Massive board thickness is 45 to 60 mm and glued beam thickness is 75 to 150 mm)
  2. Roof (covered with soft tiles)
  3. Building base beams (impregnated with antiseptic)
  4. Floor (finished floor made of dry profiled massive boards)
  5. Windows (wooden, single glazed)
  6. Doors (wooden, with locks installed and single glazed, if provided by design)
  7. Fittings (locks, door and window handles, floor plinths, ceiling fillets)
  8. Fenced terraces (if provided by design)
  9. Concrete foundation blocks (to set the structure on a solid ground)

Our optional services (agreed with the customer individually and additionally paid) include the following:

  1. Building base beams finishing (painted aluminum)
  2. Floor thermal insulation (100 mm thick)
  3. Roof thermal insulation (100 mm thick)
  4. Wall cladding with planed products made of Siberian larch (wall insulation as well)
  5. Roof gutters sets
  6. Wall, window, and door painting
  7. Double/triple glazed windows and doors (glazed windows in wooden or plastic frames)
  8. Delivery to the customer’s site
  9. Building installation at the customer’s site (cost is calculated based on the customer’s site location, and installation conditions like the soil type and presence of slopes at the site, as well as the foundation option selected for the building construction).

In addition to standard structures, we provide customized design services as it enables us to deliver the most out-of-the-box customer requirements (the sole thing needed is a scratch of your future facility and its approximate dimensions).

Our passion it to make your dreams come true.

– SibirWoodTrading